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UK press agency wants to talk to otherkin

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2013-May-06, | 07:54 pm
posted by: frameacloud in otherkin_news

Trigger warnings: Publicity.

Caters News, which is “one of the UK’s biggest press agencies,” has sent messages to otherkin. Their e-mail, re-posted here, says only that Caters News wants to “help spread awareness of the subject,” without specifying what form of media it will use. (News articles? A TV show? Who knows?)

Thanks to Of Salfarro, an otherkin, for collecting and publicly re-posting that message.

- O. Scribner


Of Salfarro, “Here we go again…” 2013-04-03. Otherkin. http://otherkin.livejournal.com/578268.html

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